Cypress Hills Park Campsite Reviews

We often get asked what campsite we recommend for Cypress Hills Park, Saskatchewan. Well, here is an answer to that question…sort of!

The answer is not cut and dry because:

A. Not everyone is planning on getting up at 7 am on SaskParks opening reservation day AND luck out on the slow, overburdened reservation site to get the best spot!

B. Everyone has different likes and requirements in a campsite.

So because the “best” locations often book up minutes after booking opens, especially for busy times of the summer, I decided to just analyze the camp areas (eg: Terrace, Warlodge, Rainbow, etc), instead of actual campsites within the areas. I should note, this doesn’t include the group campsites (Sleepy Hollow, Hidden Valley or Lone Pine) or Deer Hollow, which does not have any electrical sites. So, in no particular order:


Warlodge is mostly lodgepole pine of unless you are on the outer west edge, where it’s young poplar stands reaching for the sky. Some sites have grassy areas, and others pine needle floors. There is lots of room between most of the sites in Warlodge and it seems to book up pretty fast once reservations are available.

AMENITIES: No shower house, but there is a path to the Pine Hill shower house. The playground has a tire swing, and play apparatus with a slide.

Cypress Hills - Warlodge Campground
Cypress Hills - Warlodge Campground
Cypress Hills - Meadows Campground


Terrace is the hilliest of all the camp areas. It is an older camp area with towering lodgepole pine and spruce. If you start at the highest point in the campground and roll a ball down the hill, it will just keep going until it gets to the other end of the campground! Most sites have adequate space in-between sites.

AMENITIES: Shower house is a decent size, located in the middle of Terrace. The playground has a tire swing, and play apparatus with a slide.

Cypress Hills - Terrace Campground
Cypress Hills - Terrace Campground


Meadows lives up to its name! Parts of the campground are a large meadow with few trees and other parts are young poplar stands, with sites nestled neatly into the trees. Some site are far apart, others are close together. This camp area is huge! The terrain is varied and it is split into two groups: “A” and “B”.

AMENITIES: Meadows boasts the best shower facility in the park! It’s new and spacious inside. Also, right next to the showers, is the best playground in Cypress Hills (as voted by my 5 year old)! It’s a huge, deep sandbox numerous pieces of playground equipment in it, though no swings. Close to the free firewood lot. Most sites have water hookup or shared water.

Cypress Hills - Meadows 2
Cypress Hills - Meadows Campground

Cypress Hills


Rainbow is predominately pine trees, with some pull through sites and some not. Some sites are close together, and others are not. This camp area looks like a true forest with its overhead canopy! Rainbow has a few full hook up sites, which is great for longer stays.

AMENITIES: Nice shower house. No playground though, only a set of swings.

Cypress Hills - Rainbow Campground



This is the smallest camp area, with only 25 spots. The sites are pretty close together, but most are pull through and the outer ring beyond the sites is all tall lodgepole pine trees with a pine needle forest floor – a great place to play! One great thing about Lodgepole, is that it is a short walk to the lake (Loch Leven) and the core area of Cypress Hills Centre Block. Can’t beat that!

AMENITIES: No shower house. No playground, but very close to swingset.
Cypress Hills - Lodgepole Campground

Here is the general area map from the SaskParks website:

Cypress Hills Campground Map

Because the areas are so varied in Cypress Hills, it really just depends on what you like! Luckily the SaskParks Reserve a Site website has pictures of all the individual campsites, with some details about each site such as privacy, sun/shade, special features and so on. My suggestion if you plan on camping during the busiest season: when you are bored in the winter, use that website to make a top 10 list of your favourite campsites and then try and nab one of those when reservations open! Or alternatively, camp during a non-busy time, such as early June or late August and you will have a lot more choice!