Cypress Lake, Sask – Recreation Site – Prairie Fishing & Boating At Its Best

Cypress Lake, Sask is truly one of the deep southwest’s best recreation areas and best kept secrets. With rolling hills to the north, natural prairie grass and farmland to the south, this prairie lake spans 7 miles out to the east/west tips and 2 miles out to the north/south at it’s widest area. The recreation site is off of Cypress Lake Road (between Consul and Cypress Hills Park), which can be accessed from #21 highway. Heglund Island, a bird sanctuary (which you cannot go on or too close to), prominently stands out of the lake to the east of the recreation site.

*Side note: Heglund Island was named after Peter Heglund who homesteaded south of Cypress Lake and the island back in 1912.*



Cypress Lake
Looking North to Cypress Lake from nearby farmland.

What makes this lake so appealing, is the fishing and boating! Predominately caught are walleye (approx 17″ for the most part in 2014), brown trout and the occasional jack. Most evenings anglers haul in their catch quota in the blink of an eye! A fish fillet station on site allows for cleaning and gutting your fish before taking them home for a delicious meal. Ice fishing is popular in the winter time.

Fishing at Cypress Lake Sask
Peaceful evening fishing off the rec site dock, the island is on the right hand side of the picture.

Waterskiing/wake-boarding, tubing and jet skiing are also popular activities on the lake. While the boat launch is in need of some repair, you rarely have to wait in line to get your boat in/out on the water, and the lake is large so there is plenty of space out on the water for your chosen activity. An afternoon boat trip around the island is a popular choice for sight seers.

Cypress Lake Rec Site
Blue skies & boating, looking towards Heglund Island
Cypress Lake Rec Site
Cypress Lake Boat launch and dock.
Cypress Lake Sask
Looking northwest over the lake.

Cypress Lake Sask

The beach area is comprised of small rocks with some sand. Boats can dock right up against the beach. Some people swim at the beach area…however certain areas have a high concentration of leeches! Leeches are not an issue when engaging in water sports further into the lake.

Playing in the water at Cypress Lake Rec Site
Playing in the water at Cypress Lake Rec Site


Cypress Lake at dusk
Cypress Lake beach area at dusk.

In 2014, a new outdoor toilet was installed close to the dock area, as well as the fish fillet station previously mentioned. A second dock should be en-route for the 2015 season. A second outdoor toilet is available close to the camping area. Camping is rustic camping, with no electricity and no running/potable water, so it is camp at your own risk.

Cypress Lake Rec Site
Looking south to the camping area.
Cypress Lake Rec Site
Outer area of the camping area.


The Lake: Beautiful, serene, large and quiet!

Costs: $0, but donations to Friends of Cypress Lake, a non-profit/volunteer group that looks after the site (overseen by SaskParks), are welcome to help cover costs


Bugs: At certain times of the year, the fish flies are unbearable! Luckily they don’t bite and their life cycle is very short and a few days later they are less in numbers, and sometimes there is none at all. They tend to congregate over grassy areas, so once out on the boat it is not an issue.

Boat Launch: Plans are in the works to improve the boat launch, but currently is a bit of a rough go, especially for some trailers.

Water: No running or potable water

NOTE: Cypress Lake is NOT located in Cypress HILLS interprovincial park, it is south of the park by about half an hour.


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